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Art on the T

; breaking personal bubble by shared experience

Harvard Graduate School of Design | 2018
Instructor: Malkit Shoshan
Team: Daniel Shieh, Delaram Rahim
Duration: 3 months
Role: Ideation, research, implementation
Featured: ︎ Project Research Paper


> How might we engage people to have interactions on the public transportation?

| Goal |
Creating social interaction between strangers on public transportation without causing discomfort. 

>> By creating simple, shared experiences,
we create a sense of connection between riders


The space between people, or interpersonal distance, creates and defines the dynamics of social interactions. Public transportation, as a social infrastructure, serves as a platform of having all different types of people together, but sometimes it causes discomfort.

The breach of physical distance on a personal and intimate level often causes disturbance and even undermines passengers’ personal territories, yet in the context of the subway, it is normally accepted as a non-intimidating situation. When passengers breach each other’s personal distance, it also causes minimizing personal territories.

Shared Experience

A space of solidarity in the context of public transit needs to be able to respond to the tendency of personal territoriality.


Passengers are invited to create art together with others. The experiments were conducted over two months to create a culture rather than a short-lived spectacle.

Drawing workbook

Small art workbooks placed on the subway seats

| Drawing Book |

Drawings created by the participants

| Poetry Book |

poems created by the participants


The passengers’ artworks are then compiled onto Instagram, so the participants can later look at others’ works and stay connected as an online community.

︎ Instagram account

Proposed exhibition on a T station

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