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Take Me to the River

; Improving access to the river through the linear pathway

Harvard Graduate School of Design | 2018
Instructor: Daniel D’Oca
Duration: 3 months
ArcGIS, Rhino, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD

> How might we redesign the neighborhood as having the community engaged?

| Problem | 
The Ward 3 neighborhood is often ignored and undermanaged by the city government. The vacancy rate is getting higher, and the level of trust from the public is low.

| Goal |
Creating a gamified community-engaged-plan to improve the neighborhood infrastructure. 

>> Having them in the gamified process to have the affection and the ownership


This project is about the neighborhood in North of St. Louis, which lack access to the Mississippi River.

Newspapers were made and distributed over the neighborhood Ward 3. 

| Vacancy |

Vacancy, freeway, and industrial area prevent the residents from access to the river.

Leverage the vacant lots

| Green patches |

Converting the vacant lots to green patches

| Walkable streets |

| Highway |

Utilizing beneath the highway

Build your own garden

Community engagement, ownership, and affection



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